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Post decompression and stabilization and MIS PCDF (DTRAX) Posterior Decompression

Cervical stenosis causes compression of the spinal cord. If most of the compression is in the back, the cervical stenosis can be treated with a posterior cervical laminectomy. The objective of this procedure is to remove the lamina (and spinous process) to give the spinal cord more room.


Unlike more invasive surgical approaches, the MIS PCDF (DTRAX) procedure enables an innovative posterior (from the patient’s back) approach that typically requires one small incision at the base of the patient’s neck. First, pressure is relieved on your spinal nerves by distracting (opening) the facet joints so the nerves are no longer irritated. Then, two implants and graft material are inserted between the fact joints to enable healing of these joints. This option often results in an immediate improvement in symptoms and is less disruptive than most cervical procedures

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